Quick Look At Home Sweet Home Garden State Properties Real Estate Office

Welcome to our newly designed real estate office space, Wyckoff NJ Real Estate Agency office tour! Home Sweet Home Garden State Properties opened its’ doors in 2022, we are located in the heart of Wyckoff on the corner of Everett and Franklin Ave. In fact, we’re direct across from Dunkin Donuts. We are so proud to present the office and look forward to your visit! Come by, we’d love for you to check out the space in this video! And a huge shout out to our local vendors, Sherwin William, Kuiken Brothers, Article, and Wayfair!

About Home Sweet Home Garden State Properties

Supporting the local community and small businesses of Wyckoff and surrounding towns in NJ will always be at the heart of our work. Tara Landusco of ‘Home Sweet Home Garden State Properties’ Realty is a top Bergen County, NJ, real estate agent/broker. Tara and ‘Home Sweet Home’ are based in Wyckoff, NJ. Her remarkable real estate success and design talent have been underscored by her solid acclimation to the local northern NJ area.

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