Home Project? Here Are Tips For Hiring Contractors

Local Wyckoff NJ Tips For Hiring ContractorsIs it time to start a home renovation project? Perhaps update your kitchen or bathroom! Choosing the right contractor is the most critical decision you can make. That decision will ultimately determine whether your project can go smoothly or become a nightmare. Vetting contractors is important! And that means even if they are a referral, you must vet their quality of work history. You must also have your project details in writing, including the agreement for the ‘scope of work.’

Top Tips List For Vetting Your Contractors

Here is my TOP Tips List when vetting out your contractors:

1. Get Multiple Estimates

It’s important to speak with several contractors, get written estimates, and seek out their past work. Getting 3 estimates is a good number and barometer of what the project will cost, but be sure that you are comparing apples to apples! Items such as building materials, how many workers, timelines, and their process may vary from contractor to contractor. If you receive an estimate that seems extremely low or high, be cautious and do your research!

2. Hire Local and Licensed Contractors

When it comes to projects, time is an important factor. Try to find local contractors; just like Home Sweet Home Garden State Properties, they are local, and the commute time is short. If there is an issue with the project, they are not far. If down the line you need to contact them, they are in the area. Hiring locals also helps with those mammoth makeovers that require town permits, because local contractors are more likely to be familiar with the town’s process.

3. Check Their Past Work

How has their work turned out in the past? Do they specialize in the kind of work you want to be done? Check references about the quality of their products, their workmanship, and their customer service. Inquire about their professional reputation and years in business with the Better Business Bureau. A contractor with more than five years of experience is preferable.

4. Do your homework before making a decision

Get multiple bids before making a decision! Don’t be pressured into making an immediate decision on the spot, especially if the contractor is pushing you into signing a contract. It’s OK to be cautious when asked to pay a large deposit upfront. Make sure to read the fine print on all estimates and contracts.

5. Check Their Insurance and Bonding

Make sure your contractors are insured and bonded. Ask your contractor for a Certificate of Insurance, and you can call their insurance carrier to confirm their insurance policy is in effect. If the contractor is not insured, you may be liable for accidents that occur on your property.

I hope you found these tips helpful, and when in doubt, you can always give me a call. I’ll most certainly refer you to the local professionals I have in a Rolodex 🙂


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