Wyckoff NJ School Season Organizing Tips For Local ParentsSchool Season Organizing Tips For Local Parents!

Lunch boxes, buses, and sports – oh my! Yes, school is back underway, and if your home is starting to reflect the chaos, then here are five life hacks to help you get back-to-school stuff organized!

#1 Magnets~ How to remember all the concerts, teacher meetings, and sports practices!

Ever noticed, that school starts, and you are immediately drowning in folders, papers, and assignments? If you have more than one child, each one of them is bringing home different schedules of events that will keep you busy through the school year. What is the best way to keep all those items in order? Simple, Magnets and magnet binder clips!

For any events, invitations, and schedules, time to get magnet crazy!!!! Magnet strips are great for walls and create additional areas where you can hang those reminders if your refrigerator is not metal or cannot handle the clutter.

I recommend heading over to a craft store like Michaels or AC Moore and picking up either decorative magnets or just buying plain ones. If you choose the plain, you can turn it into a family fun activity with the kids and have them personalize their own and stay organized throughout the school year.

#2 Tupperware and Containers Galore~

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tupperware. The latest organizing trends are using containers and Tupperware to keep your items organized in every room, the closet, and in drawers. One of the best places to visit is “The container store,” Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel.

· Writing items- Whether you pick up one for the store or create your own with an old coffee, it’s a good idea to have a centralized place where you can find, markers, crayons, and pens/pencils.

· Use file folders in a separate file folder box and put each child’s name on it to keep everyone separated

· Measure out your desk drawers and fill it with baskets to organize school supplies

#3 DIY Flip Desk~

A great way to save space is with a flip-down desk that can collapse when not in use. You can either buy one at space saver places like IKEA, or you can DIY one! To make one yourself, just get a wooden cubby and a flat board (finished), just add hinges and a hook to latch on top.

#4 Over-the-Door Shoe Sleeves~

While sleeves are a great place to hold shoes, there are other ways you can use this easy-to-install storage. Consider hanging one in the front closet of the house or in bedrooms to organize supplies, markers, erasers, paperclips, etc.

#5 Wine Racks~

Wine racks are for more than vino! Since there are so many varieties and styles, they make a great organizer and can be scattered throughout the house. For back to school, I recommend office file cubbies and creating a mailbox for each child for homework assignments, letters for parents, permission slips, and required signature items.

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you, perhaps, use a few!